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Lesson 1:
Basic Understanding

  • How to use The Nines

  • Identifying different trade type indications:

  1. Scalps

  2. Day Trades

  3. Swing Trades

Lesson 2:
Trend & Sensitivity Settings 

  • Determining which Trend & Sensitivity setting to use for each trade type depending on the current market condition

Lesson 3:

  • How to spot potential trend exhaustion and "stop hunts" using divergence

Lesson 4:
Developing a Bias

  • Top-Down Analysis

  • Determining a bias based on the indicator signals

Lesson 5:
"X-Ray" Mode & Trend Shift

  • How to spot trend continuation and reversals

  • Finding Take Profit 1 

Lesson 6:
Using with Technical Analysis
(Swing Trades)

  • Identifying swing trade setups

  • Why it's important to use with technical analysis

Lesson 7:
Setting Alerts

  • Understanding the different alert types

  • How to set up alerts for each trade type

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