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I have tried MANY paid indicators as I have been on my learning journey and I'm shocked at how incredible The Nines has been in addition to my current TA. I always go in knowing there is no golden profit maker however The Nines is very, VERY close to being one. With basic understanding of market structure this indicator has given me the edge already in the 7 day trial, and it was a no brainer to continue and keep this stuck to my chart as I plan the week. I am so confident entering trades now, where to place my TP and SL, it's complex at first but even as a newbie it's given me so much more clarity and I'm so grateful with all the time and care you've put into developing this for the community. I get to spend a lot more time studying and learning other concepts instead of agonising over the charts. Looking forward to the updates and thank you SO MUCH for the extensive hard work you've put into this.


Hey, mate! I've tried the Nines and it looks like legit, good win rate.



I am scalping my ass off today, holy moly what a money machine this is. I see more setups than I can handle.


I Love this indicator. Not only because of the divs and "Signals". It finally gives me mentally a good Feeling of Entering a trade at the right moment


For someone who is new to trading. I would like to say a few words. I am amazed at how incredible The Nines is. It is a great addition to my toolbox. In my case, just by using relevant levels, proper risk management, and The Nines, it is almost impossible to lose money. It gives me confidence to enter a trade and provides clarity on how to manage it. Yes, sometimes it is just a small profit or a break even, but for most of the times it is a money maker! Thank you SO MUCH for the long hours and hard work you've put into developing this indicator! For every grateful.


I've spent some time setting each input from ranging, bullish and bearish and it pretty unbelievable how accurate this is most of the time, I'm finding looking at the swing trade indicator on the 12min combined with the day trade indicator, its a sure thing, well done @Surface9 this is looking promising. are we cheating?



Got to admit, very promissing tool. I really test a lot of indicators I see could be nice (to learn a lot of possibilities and market structure with different pov's) and this instatnly stand on top ones. The indicator data reading looks very nice, on 1st view the printings looked quiet random but surprisingly they gives a lot proper signals and market structure understanding (if you read them well) . Amazing trend reversal and direction reader, i have backtested a lot with it and watched live for curret PA. with good advertising, success is guaranteed. Thumbs up @Surface9, great work , glad i tried so fast after 1st release

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