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The Nines provides an effective and powerful way to analyze and trade the technical markets

Identify the Context

Develop a Market Bias

Enter & Exit Confidently

With the Right Tools,
Great Things Can Happen.

The Nines is a TradingView indicator that aids in trend analysis, market context, and trade confirmations at key levels. It will help you build an overall bias for the market environment and identify swing, day, and scalp trade opportunities.



Multi timeframe market context


Begin each trading day identifying the high timeframe swing trade structure and overall bias. Then move your way down to day trades and scalps to develop an intraday plan moving forward.

Trade confirmation at a level

Confirmation at Setups

Technical analysis comes in many shapes and forms. Let The Nines give added confluence to your existing setups and confirmations.

Trend shift in trading price action

Early Shifts in Trend

Using X-Ray Scalp Mode, detect an early shift in the trend and bias.

Diverging Price Action

Diverging Price Action

Divergence is a powerful tool for traders.

   "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

How does it work?

The Nines employs a custom algorithm developed through extensive research, coding techniques, and harmonic wave analysis. It integrates a wide array of calculations that leverage multiple streams of data, enhancing trading accuracy and providing comprehensive market insights.

The Nines represents the culmination of extensive research and development, empowering traders with a quantifiable edge in financial markets.



Made for
Technical Analysis

The Nines was created as a confirmation indicator to be used in conjunction with technical analysis. While it can oftentimes be traded by itself alone, it's not 100% accurate and it's always best to have a setup in mind beforehand and use the indicator to give you context, confluence, and confidence going into the trade.

Trusted Among Top Traders

Before being released to the public, The Nines was beta tested among some of the industry's most elite day traders. See what some of them had to say:

“Overall I'm really impressed by the indicator. It doesn't completely fit my style of trading (yet) but I can see that it works very well, especially when you aim to scalp and lock it in early. I was also checking out some alts and can see some very nice signals.

I find that often times with reversals there is either a scalp divergence or a day trade divergence. I will keep using this for confluence in my reversal trades. It's really nice and the accuracy on the day trades is quite something. They often lead to solid moves.”

Sergio Tesla,

JC Advanced Trader

“The Nines is awesome as it offers you a confirmation for your setups. I keep it on auto mode for scalp and day trades and pay attention when both signals appear on a low timeframe. If you already marked your levels this indicator will signal you a great entry opportunity. It could be used without having levels marked (Yes it works but I would not recommend this option).

Overall this indicator is a great tool for those who want to build their own personal trading strategies, maintain discipline and follow risk management methods.”

Ponzi Trader,

JC Advanced Trader

I've been fortunate to test and follow The Nines through development. The implemented updates have made it so it can be effortlessly adapted to the current price action. This allows me as a user to be able to change from scalping to a day/swing trade strategy when required. I found it to highlight extremely good Entry and Exit points on trending days.